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UEE reference

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Examinations by special request

• Examination by the government order
• Entrance examination of International schools
• External evaluation
• Olympics and competitions

Examination by the government order

In accordance with intergovernmental agreements, the selection of students for universities in some countries has been successfully conducted since 2011. These include:

Country Examined subjects Number of enrolled students
1 Ukraine Mathematics, English 20 bachelor, 5 doctors
2 Vietnam Mathematics, English, Chemistry 13 bachelor,  2 master
3 Laos Mathematics, English, Chemistry 8 bachelor
4 Cuba Mathematics, English, Chemistry 1 bachelor
5 Poland Mathematics, English, Chemistry 20 bachelor
6 Russian Federation Mathematics, Social study, Chemistry 150 bachelor and master
7 India 40 students
8 Republic of China Integrated test: Mathematics-30%, Englsih-30%, Chinese-40% 123 students

Entrance Examination for international schools

Between 2011 through 2016, the entrance examination for New Era, New Beginning, and Mongolian Aspiration schools with an international curriculum were organized. A total of 4954 students have participated at the examination. The number of students who have examined as follows:

External evaluation

Education Evaluation Center organizes external evaluation examinations by the request of the Ministry of Education and Science, Aimag and the Capital Administrative offices, Aimags’ Education, Culture Departments and Ulaanbaatar Education Department and secondary schools.


The “Future Owners” Olympiad was organized in the following aimags in order to stimulate the interest of 12th grade students for further study, to examine their knowledge and skills within the integrated content of science subjects, and for successfully introduction of new technologies in the field of education assessment.

  • “Future Owners of Darkhan 2018” Olympiad
  • “Future owners of Erdenet-2” Olympiad in the frame of the “Bright Erdenet” program
  • Named after “Erdmiin gegee” school of Umnugovi aimag
  • “Future Owners” Olympiad
  • Named after “Native Altai” NGO
  • “Future owners of Gobi-Altai” Olympiad

In addition, we have successfully organized the “Future Owners 2018” Integrated Science Content Olympics among the 12th grade students of secondary schools in Ulaanbaatar.