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UEE reference

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The main functions of the operation

According to the section 171, Chapter 3 of the Education law, Education Evaluation Center is a legal entity to conduct monitoring-inspection, assessment, research and trainings for learning achievement, training quality of all levels of education, and to organize nationwide the University Entrance Examination for university and college entrants which assesses their general knowledge and skills.

The main functions of the Education Evaluation Center are:

  • Develop criteria for assessing the quality of education at all levels of education using international standard methods and techniques, conduct quality monitoring, and make recommendations and conclusions.
  • Develop assessment tasks to assess the knowledge, skills and practices of secondary school students and train teachers in performance appraisal methods;
  • Develop of standard assessment tasks for each subject, as well as items for state examinations for basic and secondary education and University Entrance Examinations, create the item bank.
  • Create a database on National assessment for quality assurance, provide information to organizations and citizens
  • The organization is responsible for strengthening human resource capacity in the field of evaluation theory and methodology, developing and implementing training plans and programs, and providing professional and methodological guidance to professional organizations.