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UEE reference

UEE reference

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University Entrance Examination

This procedure is to regulate the management of University Entrance Examination (hereinafter referred to as the UEE) that aims to determine the general learning ability and the level of knowledge of university entrants in Mongolia as well as the management of Mongolian Language Examination (hereinafter referred to as the MLE) which determines the quality of mother tongue education, its’ usage, culture of communication, the level of mother tongue immunity.

The “Student Admission Procedure” approved by the Order No. A / 79 of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science on March 18, 2013 / A / of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science on March 16, 2016 for organizing the University Entrance Examinations for university entrants Amended by Order No. 87 and other relevant legal acts shall be followed.

Citizens who have completed secondary education in 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the examinee who graduated this year) and citizens who have completed secondary education before 2020 or with higher education (hereinafter referred to as examiners who graduated in the previous year) are able to pass the this exam. Examinees registered in UEE for admission to universities and colleges shall be required to take Mongolian Language Examination (hereinafter referred to as the MLE) in accordance with the Resolution No. 37 of the Government of Mongolia. Mongolian language Examination will be conducted twice a year, and those who have failed the first examination due to valid reasons or did not meet the threshold score (400 points) may retake the exam.

The examinee shall select at least 2 from the subjects such as Mongolian, English, Russian, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History and Social Study. UEE topics and assignments of shall be in the form of a test designed to assess the examinee’s knowledge, cognitive level and general learning ability in accordance with the content of the curriculum specified in 1.6 of this procedure. Mongolian, English, and Russian language examination contents include listening comprehension tasks.

Examination timing and management

Examination management team appointed by the Education Evaluation Center (hereinafter referred to as the EEC) will work in Aimag and capital city (soum and district) UEE examination centers and will follow the approved guidelines. UEE and MLE schedules will be announced by the EEC in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports and the examinations will be conducted simultaneously throughout the country at Ulaanbaatar time. The examinee must arrive at the examination center 1 hour before the start of the exam and take his / her seat in the test room 10 minutes before the start. Examinees who are late shall not be admitted to the examination. Students are not allowed to bring pen and oil pen, pencil, eraser, mobile phone, calculator, spreadsheet, summary of formulas, books, notebooks, sketch paper, manuals, paper and electronic dictionaries, computers, tablets, smart watches, tape recorders to avoid to disturb other examinees and to deceive.

Examination results

At the end of the examination period, the examination answer sheet shall be read by the scoring machines and the Raw score shall be reported immediately. Percentile scores shall be posted in the “examiner’s corner” of www.eec.mn within 24 hours after the examination. The results, scores and lists will be posted on the website www.eec.mn and announced to the public

A raw score is an original datum that has not been transformed. This may include, for example, the original result obtained by a student on a test as opposed to that score after transformation to a standard score or percentile rank or the like.

Percentile scores for individual test takers represent how an individual test taker’s score compares to the scores of other test takers within a particular comparison group. Percentile scores range from the 1st  through 99th percentile, indicating the percentage of scores in the comparison group which