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Projects and study

PISA 2022 “Programme for International Students’ Assessment’’ has been implemented at the Education Evaluation Center since 2018 by the World Bank finance.

In section 7 of the “State Education Policy” / 2014-2024 / approved by the Government of Mongolia it is acknowledged that Mongolia will participate in 2021 at International Students’ Assessment.
PISA was designed and developed by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in the late 1990s as an ongoing, periodic international comparative study that primarily gathers indicators of student characteristics and proficiencies. It is designed to generate reliable, high-quality indicators of education system outputs (chiefly, knowledge and skills in the domains of Reading, Mathematics and Science) at a point at which compulsory schooling (age 15) is at or nearing an end in most OECD member countries, referred to as “OECD countries”. PISA’s assessment design is guided by an assessment framework, which is published by the OECD.


Under this project, with funding and support from the Asian Development Bank, a number of activities are underway to improve the quality, access and equity of education. One of them is the “Real time Scoring Glass Technology” which was introduced in University Entrance Examination in 2019, by the Asian Development Bank finance.